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Whether it is a new battery you want to shield, or an old battery you want to recover, RenuVolt Technologies allows your batteries to operate at close to manufacturer’s 100% capacity.
RenuVolt Technologies uses electrochemical sulphate reversion to restore lost capacity to your industrial batteries.
Our new technology allows:
– complete cleaning of the electrode surfaces, and
– elimination of the memory effect as a result of applying algorithm current for crushing crystal grains of the working material of electrodes. Thus the battery capacity can be restored to 95 % (provided the integrity of working material is not damaged).
Our technique of restoring the capacity of batteries represents an essentially new approach to the problem.
The battery charge process is completely controlled by the computer program.
The algorithm of the chosen program sets the parameters (values and times) and sequence of operation.
The program controls the electrolyte temperature and accumulator voltage. When the preset technical characteristics are exceeded, the program adjusts them automatically, bringing
information on the display of the monitor, and protects the accumulator automatically.

Assessment and Renuvol

RenuVolt’s team will provide municipal governments and corporations with an assessment of their fleet’s current capacities and performance efficiencies. Based in assessment our team will suggest the further process of battery to the organization.