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Procedure for Reclamation and Overhauling of over-aged 450/500 Ampere Hours, 8 Volt batteries fitted in ALCO Diesel Locomotives by restoration of the battery capacity without disassembling, using the algorithmic current method.

Our team visit and identify the defective cells of the also loco battery battery sets. Our technology will Reclaim/Overhaul/regenerate the batteries by battery restoration process and will prepare the detailed report.
Recovery of Railway battery or renuvolting the battery overhauling process is mentioned as below:

  1. Recovery of battery is performed by Algorithmic currents which prevent the battery from serious damage.
  2. Recovery process is controlled by the temperature mode and it set for a specific type of battery in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.
  3. The recovery program does not allow to reach critical temperatures, correcting the charge current. Monitoring is carried out by temperature sensors in continuous mode with reflection of the actual temperature of the batteries which should be displayed continuously and machine automatically take corrective action to prevent the battery from overheating.
  4. The recovery process is controlled by temperature, voltage, capacity, time and current and if necessary, an automatic program correction takes place so battery will not damage.
  5. Recovery or reconditioning of battery controls is carried out both on the railway battery as a whole, and on the weakest battery or group of accumulators in the battery. In case during the recovery process if power failure, the recovery process will be automatically continued after power is restored so that battery will prevent from overcharge. The installation memory contains recovery algorithms for a specific type of battery.

Our works with Railways:

  • Moscow Railway and western Railway
  • Ugo-Vostochnaia Railway
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  • Severnaia Railway
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