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About our work

Premiere Renuvolting Battery Providers

A large municipality has 50,000+ lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries in their transportation system. This includes their trains, railroads, and buses as well as power for everything from rail infrastructure to communications equipment. Using our services means reducing their budget for new batteries, avoiding costs associated with discarding these batteries, and reducing maintenance time. Saving money, increasing efficiencies, and keeping travellers and taxpayer happy.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors

Material Handling Equipment Distributors buy whole fleets of used forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks, and counterbalanced trucks. Many of these have old lead acid batteries. By returning your battery capacity to 95%+ capacity, we can help you substantially increase the amount of money you can make selling superior products. We are so sure of our product, we can even discuss how we can backend our fees and remove the risk of trying our technology.

Transportation Companies

We have worked with cellphone tower company, big ups backup company, forklift batteries and other backup batteries. By minimizing life-cycle costs, applying sound asset management principals, and being environmentally sustainable, we do well for profits, people and planet.


The Armed Forces uses lead acid, Nicad, and lithium ion batteries through the Defense Industry for logistics and communications equipment.Improve the efficacy of your equipment and remove the pain of volt testing the adequacy of your battery inventory.